April 10, 2018

When shopping for new products for our shelves it isn’t always easy, walking past hundreds of booths  seeing the same product over and over. BUT if you’re lucky something will jump out at you and in this case that something really did shine! 


Sunshine & Glitter have brought together being safe in the sun with your love for glitter. That’s right Glitter Sunscreen! Don’t worry we’ve tested them all out, so feel free to pop in the store and test it out for yourself.


Let’s start with the Sea Star Sparkle spf 50+. This is your all natural sunscreen with the fun twist of added glitter. There are 3 styles, Mango Tango with orange glitter, Very Berry with pink glitter & Party Cake with rainbow glitter. 


They also did an Anti-Bug with Sunscreen spf 50+, Glamour Camper & Scout. Of course the Glamour Camper has that signature sparkle with a hint of gold glitter. The Scout is also an Anti-Bug with Sunscreen, minus the glitter, for the few that just can’t stand glitter but love the idea of an all natural bug repellent sunscreen. Each bottle has a nice fresh woodsy scent.



Now let’s check out your every day glitter choices, for when that sun just doesn’t want to come out and play. Try out the Very Berry Glitter Kissed lip balm. Next is the Hair Slay glitter hair detangler which is one of my favourites. It blends into your hair so nicely and the glitter isn’t over powering at all. If you come in the store I’ll probably already have some in my hair. Okay! Now the BEST for last! The Awesome Sauce body lotion. This stuff is simply amazing. Not only is the name something to smile at, but when you apply this stuff to your skin it feels so natural.

March 5, 2018

With all the different building toys out there it’s hard to keep up with what to try next. 


Plus Plus was something that really caught our eye back in 2013, and it just keeps getting better. The first thing you see is that every block is in the same shape, a plus sign, making them very easy to lock together and pull apart. The original plus blocks are 3/4” wide and comes in a wide variety of colours including neon and pastel. The company recently updated their larger scale plus blocks to the Plus Plus BIG, which are 2” wide, and perfect for little hands ages 1 and up.


Lately our best seller has been the Plus Plus Tubes. With over 50 different styles available, choose from a mix of pastel and camouflage, or pick a tube with a cool design and learn to create anything from unicorns to dinosaurs, or even your favourite animal/sea creature… the list goes on.  You can also grab a tube of one solid colour if you need to add more to your creation.


Tubes start at $9.99, so pop in and grab a tube of Plus Plus, It’s a great intro into discovering a new world of building and creativity.

March 1, 2018


Aaron’s thinking putty has always made their mark during the holiday seasons, so let’s take a look at what’s new for 2018. 


I absolutely fell in-love with the Limited Edition Cupid’s Arrow. It’s a mesmerizing lilac colour with a bit of a sheen, and to top it off… it’s magnetic! The hyper colour Sweet Heart (which unfortunately was very limited stock) was really cool too, going from a deep to light pink.


Next up is the Easter/Spring collection. They went really neutral with their design this year. I guess it just doesn’t scream ‘spring’ like it has in previous years. 

Blue Skies

At first glance I honestly didn’t think it was going to turn white from such a rich blue, but the colour really does just fade away.


Orange Blossom

My weakness is pretty much anything in orange, so I absolutely love this colour. It’s a nice pastel orange, and as you play with it, turns a rich white. 


Speckled Egg

I really wasn’t too excited about this one, until I saw it in the dark.  It’s a beautiful teal colour, and the little specks of copper and gold make it look just like a robin’s egg.